Five Pointz, three days before it was destroyed. (Photo: Barry Bub)

Book Review: Subway Love

Nora Raleigh Baskin’s short novel is a page-turner, skillfully designed to encourage both family and classroom discussion of difficult topics such as divorce, abuse, first love, intermarriage, and coping with the end or loss of both casual and important relationships.

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Voting Is a Jewish Duty

The Jewish ideal of a community that cares for each other calls for universal healthcare, equal pay for equal work, continued support of Israel, and most importantly, the separation of church and state. These issues are basic parts of a free society, and they are crucial to U.S. Jews.

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The Kosher Table


Homemade Raw Butterfingers

My butterfingers have the same toffee-like crunch as do the commercialized butterfingers, but they are also whole grain, high in iron, and completely void of high-fructose corn syrup.

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Franklin Institute Dr Whalley 2

Franklin Institute Presents ‘Animal Inside Out’

I never went to visit the preceding Body Worlds exhibits because I thought the human bodies would be too gruesome to view. But the animal world of “plastinated” creatures sounded fascinating. And it is.

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Photo credit: Paul Arps

Let Haredim and Soldiers Swap Roles

Accusing haredim of being lazy, unpatriotic ingrates has not facilitated solutions. But reminding haredim that their learning is no more meritorious than that of their less-educated brethren may actually gain their attention.

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Our Rabbis Can Learn From Pope Francis

Jewish leaders need not shy away from the moral and intellectual contributions of great men of other faiths. As the most prominent religious figure in today’s world, the actions, ideas, and approach of the Pontiff deserve attention.

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Theater Review: “Bad Jews”? Bad Play!

Joshua Harmon’s comedy has little original writing, little story, and a lot of yelling by a clearly hysterical Jewish woman. If such misogynistic stereotypes of women pass as “brave comedy with tragically high stakes,” then something is seriously wrong with theater reviewers.

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